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This anthology is also for sale on Amazon, paperback only.


NOT a small world...

More maps are coming!

Stay tuned for a sketch map of the terrain involved in each book being published on their respective pages!

The Happenings - Book 1


Book 1, Saving Rrahmus, published May 2017, and remains for sale on Amazon.

Metaerie: Saving Rrahmus (Pill and Friends Book 1)


The signing was at Wine Country RV in Prosser, WA in March 2017. Thanks Louann!


If you are off to see the wizard, you should probably warn him you are coming...If you have comments/suggestions, send me a message!

The Happenings - Book 2


Book 2, Wings Tip The Scales, published July 2018, and remains for sale on Amazon.

Metaerie: Wings Tip The Scales (Pill and Friends Book 2)


The signing was at Hills of Comics in Auburn, WA in October 2018. Thanks John and Michelle!


Metaerie characters off to a Halloween costume charity ball! Have ideas for me/us? Send me a message!